My family lives in a quaint little town near the water and enjoys every type of activity that you can do on the water!  Some of our favorite activities are swimming, sailing, power boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more…  Since we live in the Northeast, we eagerly wait 8 months every year to enjoy these activities and live the #ParadiseLife! Since we travel in the winter, we wanted to bring that #ParadiseLife into our everyday lives, prolong our summer and have vacation as a state of mind and so the idea began to develop….

Three years ago, we had an idea to make comfy, lightweight, durable, trendy and fun pants that are made out of towels for my three daughters.  These towels were a huge hit right from the start because they are multi-functional, fun and extremely comfortable!  They can be used at a day at the pool, on the boat, at swim meets, sailing regattas’, after bathing, on vacations or just lounging around the house.  We wanted to make a product that would appeal to both children and adults.

We are big advocate for women in business, so we immediately enlisted my 3 daughters help for this venture!  My oldest daughter’s birthday is on Earth Day and she is a huge advocate for the environment.  She wanted to make sure that the product packaging would be sustainable and wouldn’t hurt the waters.  It was also very important to her to make a difference in the world.   My second daughter loves fashion and social media.  It was important to her to make a presence in this online world and spread the word about our pants and our social responsibility.  My youngest daughter was instrumental in helping with the design process.  She wanted a product that would be fun, colorful, soft and comfortable.  With everyone on board, we started chasing the American dream!